Ipconfig registerdns not updating dns

We are trying to configure one of our DNS zones for scavenging.One of our zones which happens to be our production zone that all our servers belong to has entries with older time stamps on the records.

I know I can change them to static but there are too many.

Additionally if you have a DHCP 2012 failover environment and credentials are not configured for those devices which do not have their own account in AD, each server will register those devices with it's own name as the owner of record so should the device renew it's lease on the alternate server that server will not have permission to update the record - hence I can't see a way around using credentials on both sides (and consequently scripting the setting of permission on the records already owned by the server)no, it seems the issue was that I had it set to secure updates only and for some reason none of these machines wanted to do it that way.

Microsoft themselves posted that it won't work that way you have to do secure and nonsecure so I did and it began working.

This was not an issue when I first built the server so I'm not sure why it is now.

I have dynamic updates enabled inside DHCP with the option set to always update discard when lease is finished and dynamically update even if clients don't ask.

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