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Inuyasha: Hey, can I have someone kick that stupid mangy wolf outta' here? Now for the first question, contestants I will ask you a question about Inuyasha and you reply…

Sesshomaru: I'm up here asshole, and I don't want your ratty clothes or those ears and I'm not gay; such as yourself, little brother.

well there are 2 console games which are Inuyasha: the secret of the cursed mask, which is for playstation 2, and theres Inuyasha: secret of the divin jewel. Firstly there's she's made about 5 games that I really enjoyed.

Contestant 2: I don't think I've even seen him before? Contestant 4: I'm not sure…Inuyasha: Wow these people are greedy I think Sesshomaru may behind door 3. Sango: No that'll give Kagome away, we're not stupid, Inuyasha.

Sango: Right…Inuyasha: Make all the people behind those doors, contestants –whatever you call them, say sit.

doesnt have many in the case of Inuyasha and kagome because you can choose your who your character (female or male main character of the game) ends up with. Because the previous answer was junk, I'll improve for you.

Rumiko Takahashi is already working on her next manga, Rin-Ne, now that Inuyasha has come to a close.

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