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The latter can also be completed over the summer, but you should not wait any longer in order to finish your Master in maximum three years.

Along with your primary supervisor, it is typical to have two committee members (Thesis track only). Two committee members must be UH Hilo faculty and a 3rd member can be an affiliate or adjunct.

A good thesis proposal will tell a story, and will justify your thesis research.

It should start with a big picture concept and follow-up question.

It will include a literature review connected to the big picture concept, and a justification as to why your study system is excellent for addressing the follow-up question.

It should then identify the specific goals of your thesis, your hypotheses, and the methodology you will use to test your hypotheses or answer your questions.

These types of dating systems come from the people who understand and know what it is to live life with a disability.

For your second semester, you will complete your required course work, and one or two electives.

By the end of the semester your advisor and you should have a very good idea about what your thesis focus will be.

Depending on how fast things progress, and your interests, you may even begin some preliminary data collection or analysis.

After the meeting, you will likely need to make revisions to your proposal before it can be submitted to the Graduate Division (Shelby Wong .

If not there, place the form into the blue folder on the magnetic tray stuck on the outside the door) (note that it does not have to be submitted by the end of Semester 2, but it MUST be submitted before the end of Semester 3).

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You should discuss options for committee members with your advisor before making requests.

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