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Does he seem to work out around the same time that you do everyday?When you glance at him, does your heart skip a beat, causing you to get all worked up?Use your good looks and personality to make the guy wish you were teasing him -- and only him.According to Michelle Burford of, women have more influence over guys than they realize. Guys are easily bored and need to be thoroughly occupied at all times.If so, you have a major man-crush on the straight guy at your gym! And how do you handle things if you sense he might be a little curious about you.Is there anyway you can make a straight man from your gym fantasy come true?While most people are aware that guys have made teasing women into an art form, few pay attention to the dynamic art of teasing guys.Though the techniques may differ, teasing guys can be a great way to capture and keep the chosen guy’s attention.

Some are on the up and up while others are a bit sneaky.

Avoid the temptation to strike up major conversations at this point – just ask for the spot.

If you want to introduce yourself at some point, that is fine.

After you’ve found out what he’s great at doing, use it to exploit him.

Praise his dressing style or basketball skills to have him waiting for your next compliment or second glance.

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You may have competition from other women, so make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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