Grip ice core dating

Several investigators have contributed to the data set available from the Ice Core Gateway provided by the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology:

A complete list is available at: "obtaining data" click on "list of icecore data").

The one thing not mentioned though is how the error in GICC05 originated.

The clinching evidence was provided by linking tree-ring chronologies to ice cores through two extraterrestrial events…

Be) is formed from high energy collisions with N and O in the atmosphere, and because of its long lifetime and affinity for soluble aerosols, it precipitates out of the atmosphere quickly and can be measured in ice cores.

Some specific projects that have contributed much of the ice-core data are: Locations of Antarctic ice-core stations.

The highest elevation (above mean sea level) in Antarctica is about 4000 m, near Dome A. The highest elevation in Greenland is about 3250 m, between the GISP II and GRIP sites.

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As we’ve mentioned previously, these eruptions may even have paved the way for the Justinian plague to take hold after AD 540, which is estimated to have killed about one third of the European population, and may also have impacted the Maya civilisation.

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