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Other guys are obsessed with their lack of ability to grow full facial hair, and are therefore insecure that they look young or less “manly.” Other guys shave regularly to avoid looking scruffy or too hairy.

The hair on a man’s head is another cause for insecurity, especially if he’s balding or thinning.

They’re not usually in the habit of wanting to talk about it, but you never know when you might be hurting your guy when you bring up these issues.

Despite the fact that men don’t openly talk about what makes them insecure about themselves, a lot of them really wish women would be a bit more understanding of their issues.

Having small feet is another sensitive subject for guys because of the myth that small feet equate to having a small package.

They will obsess about the length, girth, color, or texture of their penis, how their balls look, if being circumcised or uncircumcised is better, and whether or not they should trim or shave their hair down there.

” A guy’s ego hangs on by a thread for the answer!

[Read: 10 subtle ways to help him get better in bed] #10 His job.

Top 12 common men’s insecurities Here are some of the insecurities that guys deal with on a regular basis that girls often don’t even realize. Guys have struggles with their body image the same way that girls do.

A guy might worry about being too scrawny or question if a girl will be turned off by his beer belly.

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