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NOTE: A very small number of Middle Series guitars shipped with a long tenon body and a transitional tenon neck.

This occurred ONLY in the 565xxx and the rare 600xxx serial range.

It is important to remember to make up ones own mind about the merits or pitfalls of these changes.

A guitar from any one of these sections could easily be perfect for you.

The neck pickup of a early reissue GT will be directly connected to the neck tenon.

NOTE: GT's will now have the traditional 'Les Paul Model' silkscreen over the finish on the headstock. Not sure what kind, but I'm certain its wood and not plastic.

No 8xxxxx series guitars will have a small headstock.

Although absent on LP Customs (for obvious reasons), LP Deluxes have a block of wood crudely glued in to fill this gap.

The block allows the mounting bar for the mini-humbuckers to be installed. This block is occasionally glued in with care and can appear to be a long tenon.      Note about this image: This is a photoshop hack job of an Historic Series Gibson that was cut in half.

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