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Kogals were far from the first generation of Japanese girls who oya o nakaseru (made their parents weep) and inspired salacious media exposés.

The daraku jogakusei (degenerate schoolgirls) of the early 1900s violated taboos against dating, while the moga, or modern girl, of the 1920s, adopted Western fashions.

This is useful for finding out what day is free for her.

Keep in mind that you have to do this every time until you actually find the diary.

The girls refer to themselves as gyaru (gals), although this word is applied to several other fashion looks as well.

Aside from the miniskirt or microskirt, and the loose socks, kogals favor platform boots, makeup, and Burberry check scarves.

Getting the diary when you do not have it While in the club with a girl, press the "Right Mouse Button" and select "Play".

For every high-priced brand-name accessory, there is an off-brand version that goes for a fraction of the price.

Kogal hedonism and impolite language serve to assert self-hood of young Japanese women.

Kogals' expertise in criticizing men, particularly older men, demonstrates their revolt against traditional gender norms.

Some kogals support their lifestyle with allowances from wealthy parents, living a "parasite single" existence that grates against traditional principles of duty and industry.

"The modern school girls' uniform, embellished with loose socks and a cellular phone, has come to be perceived as the dress code for promiscuity, easiness, greed, and stupidity," according to one commentator.

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