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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.Digitized by Cj OOQ IC COL KB LB IE SOW 199 Or for loif of pennyis To suffer honour perreis And thus is the cais endit Of the penny ])at wes spendit , That grew to so grit priss 486 Scarss spending skathis gentriss Thus haif I tald 50W a caiss To sett 30W in solaiss For our exceding study M ly causs quliyle malancoly 4ao Thairfoir to mak ws mirryar Thus did my fantesy fair And [of] this hirdy girdy I And dirdy cry gow mercy €j:plicit Prima pars J* j Fitt ^ecottu B* Off thir mokking meteris and mad matere 495 gour h^ reuerence humly eft I requyre All ge hereris pardoun w* patience My noyous noyiss nycetie and negligence And to satisfie my foirsaid symple dyte In recompance of it now will I wryte 600 Of g E SECUND PENNY ffor the girle cost How it did thiyve gat onis was thrall half lost A geir eftir walking in his disport By a rever Cokelby saw resort Ane auld blind man w* a pretty maid fi06 No* twelf geir hold ^ I hold of age scho haid Bot suth to say scho was no* lyk to be A worldly wicht so wundir fair wes sche So Weill nurtourit as scho had nurischeit bene In closter or court dochter to kyng or queue 610 1 So in MS.Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 200 THE TALE OF Innocentlie scho salust on hir kn^ This carlage man this foirsaid Colkelb^ git for to tell \t werray treuth of it Me was ane man boith of substance & wit m4 And said dochter have goddis blyssing & inyne The auld man askit le pour amour deuine Cheritd & he said father cum to my houss He had him home and gaif him fair almpuss And intentlie inquireit quhair he had Gottin that fair innocent gudelie maid 620 And gif scho war his dochter or kyn to say He said suithlie scho is nother per/ay Bot ane palmar ane honest man was he Ane aliane come frome beyond \q s6 With his awin wyf a blyssit creatour 6«6 Lougeit 1 with me suppoiss that I be peur And throuch J)e will of God so as it was Thay war weseit with suddane soir seikness And deceissit thairin boith in ane hour This little maid this tender creatour 63o Was thair dochter and beluiffit with me That leddis me now sence myself may nocht s6 Colkelb^ said I beleif it is so Bot quhat cuntr^ that ewer thai folk come fro It semis thai war of kynreid full potent 6S5 Be the dochteris feris this innocent Bot guid father gif that ge wald aggree To lat J)e maid remane heir still with me For hir honour and elss so wald I reid 50W Bot ge sail half ane boy of myne to leid gow 64o The blynd man said thr^ soneis at home I have And war I thair no moir gyding I crawe Bot for ))e maide hath bene a quhill with me And ge hir haue I suld the better be 1 Old copy, longei U Digitized by Vj OOQ IC COLKELBIE SOW 201 Cokkelby said I had thr^ pennyis round 646 The first wes lost onys in a lak and found And with it coft a pig sum callis a gryss Quhich increscit to he wirschip and pryss So mervellous mony men of him reidis He wes the caus of feill ferlifu U deidis 660 As his legend beris witness luke quho so list The secound penny I haif heir in my fist On lyis in hurd this is the caiss of thame Thrd silly pennyis suthly I hald the same The said secound penny I sail gife th^ 666 For this young maid gif J)at thow will and sche W* my favoris in tyme to cum also Thay agreit and thus I lat thame go This Colkelby nvreist hir in his houss Quich grew so fair and verry verteouss 660 So gentill in all hir gestis and appliable And sobir in s'uice and amiable That all fat hir saw thay luvit hir as thair lyfe And specialy this Colkelbeis wyfe A worschepfull woman in to her houss 686 Thay callit hir to name Bjs Uamerouss Betuix hir and hir husband Colkelby Thay had a sone callit Flammislie Galland he wes and gud in all his feir And of all v))eris odly the best archeir 67o In ony land ry* wirschepfu U and wyse Big of bonis a strong man of dewyse And as his fader and moder did oft espy He coppeit this going wench attentely In his consait w* sad dej^estioun ere Hir most plesand perfyt pure persoun 1. The words " the caus " are repeated by mistake in the manuscript.We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.

Sum Perdony sum Trolly lolly Sum Cok craw thou quhill day Twy shank and Terway Sum Lincolne sum Lindsay 8O6 Sum yoly lemman dawis it no* day Sum Be gon wodsyd singis Sum Late laite on evinnyngis VOL. N Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 194 THE TALE OF Sum Joly Mariene w* a mok Sum Lulalow lute cok ao Sum bekkjt sum bingit Sum crakkit sum crmgit, Sum movit most makrevell Sum Symon sonis of Quhynfell Sum Maisr Pier de Connate sis And vfir sum in consate At leser drest to dance Sum Ourfute sum Orliance Sum Rusty bully with a bek And Every note in vl^eris nek s20 Sum vsit the dansis to deme Of Cipres and Boheme Sum The faites full ^arne Off Portingall and Naverne Sum countirfutit the g^ii ^f Spane 325 Sum Italy sum Alntane Sum noisit Napillis anone And v|)ir sum of Arragone Sum The Cane of Tartary Sum The Soldane of Surry sso All his dansis defynd Sum Pretir Johnie of grit Ynd Sum As the Ethiopis vsit Sum futit and sum refusit Sum had dansis mony ma 335 W* all the dansis of Asia Sum of Affrickis age And principale of Cartage Thair pressit in Pery Pull Full of bellis fulfull mo Maist^ M^ngeis The mangels J Maist' T vngeis La tangeis ^"^^ ' M^ Totis La toutis And Trusty rottis the roiitis Vj OOQ IC COL KE LB IE SOW 195 Maist' Nykk is La nakkis S46 And S'^ Jakkis Lajakk\is] The Ha r y Hmrl ere hu\ty And Caioy Ihe curs t custv Mony Takdis mony lownis ^ K now/ knots kym ^s c ulrown is 860 Curr Ts kenseis and knavis Int Erang and dan sit in thravis W* thame Towis the mowis And Hary «/* the reid howis Than all arrayit in a ring va Dansit My deir derling /, And all assentit in a sog -C -^^, To the vse of Ewrop \} That for so much thay beleuit That expert and weill preuit aw Thay war in the Est warld As is heir breuly o urharld Thay concludtne vse plane Of Ylandis in Occiane And of the fermeland of France aw And how the Emprio'^ dois dance Suesis in Suauia syne And als the Reuir of Ryne Off Bretane the brod lie Off Yrland and Argvle 370 Burgone and Breband Hanyngo and Holland Flanderi Sy Freisland^ and eik ' Brandebur* and Broinsweik Dittmer and Baywer m Pruce Poill and Pomer Lubwick land and Lunaburgh Malestrand and Makilbur 1 I 349. Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 196 THE TALE OF The steidis sevin and seviniy And all bound( thameby The Retail^ and Rusland Sclauia and Gotland Denmark and Norroway All thair dansis and play Thay movit in thair mad muting And all thay falit in futing For m'rit wes thair menstralis Thair instrumentis in tonis felis And all thair plat pure pansis | Coud no* the fete ofony*3ansis \ Bot such thing as affeiris To hirdis and their maneris For thay hard speik of men gud And small thairof vndirstud Bot hurlit furth vpoun heid A c opyne cull coud thame lede And so thziy wend thay weill dansit And did bot praclit, and pransit And quhen thay Tiad all done It was a t ratlyng out of tune Than thay began for to chyd Quhill Quhorlorehusty cryd Oe ceiss this brangling and l yte '^'" Remembir quhy ^e come here That ilk knave and ilk cust Comprysit Horlore hust For a witt6 man commendit And thus thair dansing thay endit And so concluding thay past To thair maisteris als fast The silly pig to reskew All the samyn are thay met trew 1 Perhaps ^«/^/.

-i Digitized by Vj OOQ IC COLKELBIE SOJV 197 Be than wes malchit on mold Als mony as thay wold Lord God so lowd as thay cryd 415 Full oft the fulis thay defyd And on them semblit att onis Bot thair was breking of bonis Hold how he wes heir Thay chace with fresch cheir 420 Fy^ on the foirsaid sottis And ourthrew all the ydiottis Both of the swyne & the men Be this ge may weill ken That foly is no sapience 425 For multitud in negligence He seldin palme of victory Bot God & gud wit gy And all this grit brawling Babling and uy thing 430 Wes for a pig as ge hard sayn git he eskapit vnslane Now juge as ge lift by For this is bot a fantesy ^ And littill a poynt of poetry 486 Bot sport to mak ws mirry And git this is a strange caiss Bot eftirward this pig waiss Growin to grit boir Lo such is this warldis glore 440 Now law now he ^ Nothing stable we s^ In this warld of variance git fell a caiss and new chance This pig quhen he a boir wes 443 Off micht he grew maikles 1 Old copy reads/a«c^ sly, 2 Now low, now high.

Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 198 THE TALE OF As to fecht for awant W* Antelop or Oliphant Tiger Pard or Pantere Bull Wolf or Wyld bere 1 45o W* the awfull Vnicorne Nor ony beist that wes borne For he faucht wichtly w* Wad And w* Melliager mad W* anterouss Hercules *^ He did a battell in pres And huntit was in the plane Befoir the goddes Dyane Bot he eskapit harmeles And killit houndis in the chase 4co The rich king of Sydon And his kr.ychtis ilk on For thir bere afferd wer For vmqubile he wonit thair And gaif a battell curious 463 To Eglamoir of Artherus The vgly worme nevir so weill preuit Quhill this bald bore leuit Nor git as I vnderstand The dragone in the holy land iro Is no* this a nyce cais That first this pig so pure waiss And in so many dengeris He eskapit with weris ge may consaue be this twich 476 That oft of littill cumis mich No contempne a small fo Quhill he haith grace to ryd or go At liberty and fredome I hold it no wisdome 48o * Old copy reads bore.

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