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In some cases, entire communities can be dependent (directly or indirectly) on the provisions of an immigrant living overseas..It is customary for the wife to move in with her husband’s family at marriage.For example, labour jobs (such as farming) are often seen to be inappropriate for women.It is an expectation that only men should kill animals, whilst women should cook and prepare them for food.The divide in gender roles of tasks emphasises complementary relations in labour.While men are generally the primary income earners, their wives are expected to partake in just as much work at home.Most individuals’ decisions continue to be influenced by their parents in adulthood, especially for women. Elder family members expect to be cared for by their children and grandchildren into their old age. Men hold the most authority, whilst women are generally considered to be subordinate to their husbands and fathers.

People generally meet a partner with the expectation of marriage in mind.Therefore, the average Ethiopian household usually consists of three generations: (1) the eldest couple, (2) their sons, sons’ wives and any unmarried daughters, and (3) the grandchildren from their married sons.However, many people may live in nuclear families in cities or in other countries.Furthermore, everything is subject to variances between different Meanwhile, the cultural ideal of a woman is characterised as a virginal and beautiful girl.Female sexual modesty is considered to be especially important.

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Sons are often encouraged to find their own land and, in urban areas, they usually aim to move out of their parents’ house with their wife.

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