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It would appear that Error: 7 has returned (at least for the Nexus 6P).

I'm using the latest version of TWRP available for the 6P, updating from the previous available nightly (2017-04-10), and Error 7 occurs with the bootloader image from either the 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 factory images.

A developer is interested in building and testing a new ROM and using the latest update of the android version.

The smartphone companies do not provide regular updates for some devices which leads to the only solution : Flashing a Custom ROM. While flashing a particular custom ROM, many users have encountered a “(STATUS 7 Error) installation aborted” scenario.

Step 5 : Remove the selected line and save the file as updater-script with the file type – All files(*.*).

Step 6 : Zip the file together and try re-installing the ROM on your device.

While things go nicely for some people, some users get the Status 7 error on the screen due to several reasons. If you have installed Franco Kernel on your Nexus device and are having issues with installing the OTA zip, follow the quick steps given below: is called “asserts”.

In that case, we search for the OTA zip file and get the new update by sideloading it on our device or flashing it via stock recovery. Don’t Miss: Malware on Android – Everything You Need to Know In case you got a Nexus device and you get notified that your device has got some “unexpected contents” on it and you see a message like shown below: Download the factory images for your device from here, and extract the downloaded file. Flashing the system will restore all system apps and you will be able to install the OTA successfully.Today we will be providing you with a detailed explanation and how-to-fix for the problem.The status 7 error is a exception thrown when the ROM’s updater script file called “asserts” checks for the model of the device on the custom ROM you are trying to install.Today, we’ll see how to fix Status 7 error on Android devices. If you just take a closer look at the recovery logs given above, you’ll get an idea about what lies at the root of different instances of the Status 7 Error while installing OTA files on Android devices.The is often reported by users who download an OTA update package and try to sideload it on their device. Well, this error means that the system partition has been modified, and the updater is aborting the install as a result.

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Status 7 might also pop up while installing a ROM via a custom recovery like Clockwork Mod, Phil Z or TWRP. The first thing you should keep in mind that if you are having issues with sideloading/installing the stock OTA zip file, you must have had root access or some kind of modification on your device.

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