Eror in render vray unhandeled exception updating renderlight

There will be a patch next week that adds a Cube 6x1 camera with stereo support and some minor fixes.You can download V-Ray 3.2 from Chaos Group site (link for registered users of V-Ray).Installing a CPU temperature monitoring software and checking the RAM for defects may help to determine whether the problem is in the hardware or the software.Crashes with motion blur enabled – A common problem is when there are motion-blurred objects depending on one another; in that case, hiding the original object and using a copy of it for rendering helps.New GPU rendering UI New V-Ray GPU user interface now only shows GPU-compatible features — making it easier than ever to use V-Ray GPU in production.Toon shader improvements Improved from beta 1, the new Toon shader adds new controls for inner and outer edge outlines.However, on the GB of RAM for any given application.

See the section on Excessive memory usage below for more details.In this case, you will most likely get an unhandled exception.Check the memory usage from the Windows Task Manager.The scene elements that take up most of the RAM while rendering can be divided into the following groups: Geometry – scenes with lots of objects and/or triangle counts require more memory to render.There are several ways to reduce this amount: Adjust the raycaster settings in the System rollout (reduce Max. leaf size, increase Face/level coefficient, switch from Static to Dynamic Default Geometry).

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