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episodes and centres round Erica Strange: 32, single, always struggling for cash, searching for the key to happiness and success.

One day she accidentally meets a therapist Dr Tom who offers her a trip to her past (the 1990's) so that she can undo her regrets by doing things differently.

That and there’s the added bonus of time travel - she’s given the gift of time travel which she uses to go back to fix all the different regrets in her life.

Certainly in Canada and the United States the show’s been received well and I feel it’s because everyone can indentify with having regrets.

I don’t really agree with this, however, though it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The character of Erica Strange feels more holistic to me… We learn that Erica had an older brother Leo who died thirteen years ago; not long after that, for multiple reasons, her parents divorced.

But Sex and the City was clearly a show focused on opposite-sex relationships and same-sex friendships, rather than the influences of family or life choices as a whole. Erica also has a younger sister Sam, and the ups & downs of their sister relationship, as well as the mother-daughter/father-daughter angles, has been a major part of the family storylines.

Here in the States, I’ve been watching it on Soap Net, where it has quickly absorbed the Thursday night anticipation I usually reserve for Grey’s Anatomy (a show that has steadily slipped in my must-see lineup the last couple years).

Being Erica airs on Soap Net Thursdays at 10/9 Central.

The premise is this: Erica Strange, a 32-year-old single Jewish woman living in Toronto, periodically goes back in time to address the regrets of her life.

Damn I hid my talents behind this wall of insecurities. When I looked back at school pics I was actually a skinny ass!

lolhave to add this...wrote a guy that liked me a 4 page letter in middle school telling him how I would never date him - I wish I ould have changed the tone of the letter, not the message...

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Oh that’s so hard - they’re both very easy to look at, both of them are. Tashi, how do you regret something you don't have any control over?

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