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Location: Down in Old Virginny Subject: Reply to North West Coaster & haso North West Coaster, thank you for your kind words.I confess that's true about Facebook, but after almost ten years there, it's good to know this wonderful forum still exists.For example, the second time I saw him, maybe '76, he was in the stellar band that was assembled for the launch of Bill Amesbury's A Thrill's A Thrill.The title song was later covered by others, including Long John Baldry, though I think not by Lou Reed, who inspired at least part of it.The singer has been voted to one of the five *dearest' still living Finns. - For ten - or fifteen - or twenty years ago - Charlie was regular here with balanced posts and all. Kind of a kick seeing legitimate players wearing NPS uniforms and all.

Contact dr.carrollee [at] priest [dot] com, dr.carrollee [at] priest [dot] com, for any kind of spiritual attack or affliction or you, will like to double and multiply your income. or Whats App 1(213) 245-2499 or call 1(213) 245-2499 him today.The pianist in that Amesbury band was ex-Suede, ex-Hawk Scott Cushnie.Subject: twee My best definition was "precious" but I don't think you use that either.2.) He came back to Finland to get treatments which were offered to WW2 veterans and to meet his friends like SOLMU MKEL, magicien. He learned my a trick I use to practice even today. If you have any kind of conventional recorder (CD recorder, cassette, whatever)) you could just run audio out from a video player to capture the soundtrack of "Live in New Orleans." Location: Rockport, ME Subject: Bessie Smith Greetings all. Web: My link Nw C: Good of you to mention Thunder Bay. " I said, "Anyone named Timo has to be from Thunder Bay, plus the teeshirt saying 'Suomi'".A funny coincidence is that LEIVO is the same bird as woodlark. It is maybe because I listen to FRANCO BATTIATO's 'Chanson egocentrique'! Im looking for a recording of Norah Jones covering Bessie Smith. A couple years ago we went to the local record store / folk music venue one afternoon to see who was playing that day. Speaking of which, the link is to what is apparently the autobiography of my grade 9 French teacher, who moonlighted as a juggler, clown and actor.

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He was a brilliant juggler, the highlight - by a long shot - of the annual Christmas show the teachers put on.

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