Effective communication involves leveling validating

As a health assessor, it is important for you to have a good understanding of the purpose, approaches and tools for involving the community, and to work effectively with your team to promote community participation during the public health assessment process.

This will help your site team initiate and maintain good two-way communication between ATSDR and the community.

This chapter is not intended to provide all information about conducting community involvement, health communication, or health promotion activities.

Rather, it describes the tools and resources for an effective site-specific approach.

ATSDR partners may find that some discussions in this chapter are not necessarily relevant to their particular procedures (e.g., use of ATSDR’s Community Involvement Branch), but the process of effective community involvement is the same.Figure 4-1 shows the general components of the community involvement process.This chapter provides guidance for the health assessor in each of these areas.Because of proximity to communities, is often the first ATSDR staff to contact communities.Works with site team to develop and implement community involvement activities.

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For some team members, such as those from ATSDR’s Community Involvement Branch (CIB), community involvement is their main responsibility.

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