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The nomenclature is as crisp as the day it was stamped so it was not buffed away.

Is there any way to date this pipe with any certainty?

Ask customer service for an address to which you can send your lighter for examination if it's one of the older models with an internal serial number.

Tad Cronn is a professional journalist living in Los Angeles.

Pipe collectors, especially in America, pride themselves on having acquired Dunhill pipes in prime condition which were made in the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. We highly recommend the book by Dunhill expert, John C.

Some collectors strive to acquire only those Dunhill pipes made between 1920 (when Dunhill stopped buying bowls turned in France in favor of those turned in London at the newly opened Dunhill bowl-turning facility) and 1928 (the year of Alfred Dunhill's retirement). Loring called, "The Dunhill Briar Pipe - 'the patent years and after'.

"own design" - Denotes a pipe designed by the customer and carved to order. NOTE: For the years 1925-34 other patent numbers were sometimes used in place of 116989/17.

I was told by the seller, whom I trust, and is a friend, that it might be from 1941-42.

I checked John Loring's book and he states that in the absence of a circled group stamp, which began in 1951 it more than likely was made between 1942-1951.

Contact Dunhill customer service via email ([email protected]), attaching the digital photographs of your lighter and its serial number.

A representative will investigate the manufacture date of your lighter and get back to you.

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And even if this list was made available it would be of little use to any but the most expert because it can only be used in conjunction with the most precise knowledge of the Dunhill pipe as it has changed in appearance over the years.

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