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Narcissa had kept the engagement in the society pages and since graduation Hermione had smiled for countless reporters, laughed at their questions, and hung on Draco's arm. "The collected wisdom in this room," he said, "would, if it were a light, make the sun seem dim and I am not arrogant enough to consider myself more than a candle in comparison.""At least he knows he's only a figurehead," one, perhaps somewhat shortsighted, wizard said, leaning over to whisper to another.

She was the pretty, Muggle-born fiancé, the Hogwarts graduate, the rising It girl, and nothing more."The Malfoys have always been lovely to me," she said over and over again. "Imagine if that monster had decided to install one of his stupider followers? "I don't think any of us are quite feeling our best.""I remember when Draco was Marked," Hermione said. "It's just a bit of a strain," he said, apology in his voice. He cleared a spot on the stone floor with his foot, shoving a magic carpet aside as well as piles of gold and what looked to be a Faberge egg, and pulled a magically reinforced glass vial out of an inside pocket of his jacket. We aren't schoolgirls fighting over a boy anymore and we're on the same side.""The stakes are higher as adults," Hermione said."Indeed. "Let's get you back before someone comes looking for you."Hermione sighed. "He was loyal and kind and brave and he died fighting for a better world. I won't." She turned away and Draco his wrapped arms around her as she struggled to keep herself composed.. It took Draco fifteen minutes to find Helga Hufflepuff's goblet. "Trust always matters.""Well," Pansy said, draining the rest of her chocolate, "You can trust Marcus and you can trust me.

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The speech was predictable and Hermione ignored it as she looked out at the audience. Snape sat to the side, waiting to hand her some symbolic piece of paper that pronounced her a graduate. "A tiny bit of an imperius had convinced them that permanent emigration was a brilliant idea. They'd enjoy the beach and yearly Christmas letters and nothing else.

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