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I feel like a young woman as outgoing, independent and attractive as myself should have men fawning over her.

I don’t mean that to sound conceited, even though it completely does.

And even after all my 26 years on this planet, I still can’t figure out if men want you to “need” them or if they find this annoying.

There’s a super fine line between wanting and needing a man, and I haven’t figure it out yet.

But before long our differences caught up with us and I learned I would never be the sweet, compliant, mousy blonde that he desired to marry. 2 months later, I saw on social media that he was happily dating a bright-eyed, sweet mousey blonde. I wasn’t even in the mindset of dating when we met.

Summer was in full swing and I was enjoying every bit of my single life.

I bring you the instructions on how to use those tools to your advantage to find true love.

I have a truly amazing, supportive friend circle, various hobbies and dreams.I have sold more than 250,000 books and millions of visitors have visited this site, finding free relationship and dating advice as well as information on how to find and keep great men.You have all of the tools you need already – strength, perseverance, inner beauty and intelligence.But I know I have a ton of attributes that should be working in my favor, so why does it feel like they aren’t? Ever been in a position where you felt like the person you were pursuing was absolutely meant for you and vice versa, but life stuff just kind of got in the way?

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So, when you're tired of online dating, where do you meet people? Remember our rules, be sure to include ages and genders if you need help with a specific situation.

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