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none of these places has any connection to our ancestors beyond them also seeing these things and being as equally amazed as us modern day humans.

i have always thought our dating techniques were suspect, but astrological dating is outside the methodologies of the chemist and are rooted in physics which if not more correct are certainly a fresh perspective to the events of the past.

We visited the kings chamber up inside the great pyramid.

One thing that became very obvious was that one of the large stone blocks making up the chamber walls had been split in two.

Many have argued that if Khufu had indeed commissioned the building of a pyramid for his tomb, his name would appear prominently inside it.

There was a crack all the way up the middle and embedded in the surface were the cut off heads of two thick metal pins.

Our logical deductions were that these had been part of an attempt to pull the block from the wall (no doubt breaking it in the process) so as to explore a known or suspected cavity.

German archaeologists are currently embroiled in a dispute with Egypt’s antiquities ministry after they allegedly removed samples from the Great Pyramid and subsequently announced that the construction date of the Great Pyramid is wrong .

According to latest reports, the three German archaeologists concerned will not be penalised for allegedly removing artefacts from the Great Pyramid because they apparently obtained three official permissions from the Supreme Council for Antiquities tourism company.

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It also suggests that the Pyramid is not the burial place for a king but a centre of power.

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