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Back when online dating was for losers — I was one of the naysayers who believed that online dating was for losers.

But — I did dabble into the brief alternative known as speed dating.

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Since I’ve rejected the opportunity to date online — I’ve observed the trajectories of those around me as the guide for my research — and what I’ve discovered isn’t encouraging.

Basically — the subjects — that include family and friends are still single — despite years of considerable time and effort.

An article in Psychology Today — listed some of the reasons why online dating can be an ugly venture — and all of them fall in the realm of what you would imagine — when you consider that we currently accommodate non-stop threats from hackers and scammers.It got me thinking about how the unnaturalness of resorting to screens — swipes and clicks — has reduced us to love-starved bots — who can’t bare the responsibility of being out in public without the security of gadgets — that have been designed to attack our social skills.I’m appalled at my inability to just stand outside — either waiting for the traffic light to change or for the Uber driver to find my address — without scrolling though multiple platforms — in search of what I already website to meet singles free, new meet, dating members best ways to meet people free meet people online, meeting new people online best sites to meet people events for singles nyc!speed dating singles meeting foreigners online how to meet people in your area meeting now, ... bbw online dating free sites to meet new people - singles event nyc, meet now. singles clubs over 50 best online dating site for over 50, indianapolis dating date meet new mexico dating - social gatherings for singles meeting people online for free places to meet people site online. grand rapids dating over 40 dating site someone new dating site best sites to meet people pittsburgh dating atlanta dating singles in ny! free chat with people online meeting people, missouri dating - ...

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It just hit her that in the two years of dating online — her love life has been depressingly lackluster.

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