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I created that on my local XAMPP installation and after successful testing I copied the changed files to the installation on my webspace.

It uses a vulnerability in popular php BB discussion forum software to spread and it uses Google search engine to find vulnerable servers. Google has started filtering requests made by the worm at December 22nd, 2004, in order to stop the worm. When executed, the worm uses the Google search engine to look for hosts that have php BB software in use.

Then, if login is sucessful, it deletes the PHPBBHash field, and creates the current systems hash values.

The current forum has the table: When the user logs in, if the PHPBB hashh field is set, it hashes the password with the PHPBB hash.

Information regarding this topic could also be found in Authentication backend: My SQL.

Well….there is a lot of stuff mentioned above which is not needed to integrate Dokuwiki in a php BB board.If you run with this tweak a while, you will have most active users covered and that saves you the trouble of implementing the complex algorithm.The not so active users can just request a new password when they can’t login, or you could all give them a new password and mail it to them (you can select them on the last login date stored in the Phpbb database).So if your board resides in the root of your webspace, type '../' or if it resides in a sub-folder named phpbb, type '../phpbb/' Next, do the changes below the code window: Now, you must edit the files in dokuwiki/lib/exe. defined(' DOKU_INC')) define(' DOKU_INC',realpath(dirname(FILE).'/../../').'/'); this code: $location = '../../'; Do it word by word. After all a little right adjustment should be done via the config tool / rights management. And a big “THANK YOU” goes out to Father Nitwit for creating the php BB. My users (Group: User like the usergroup in php BB) have the right to write in the namespace where the info files are stored and the board admins rights to manage every page.

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