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It’s time to write a story about it because the one thing that would hurt me more than your condemnation would be to lie about it. We started a conversation that I tried to make as platonic as possible, but there was definitely chemistry.

He was attractive, and I was disappointed when I noticed his wedding band.

Wherever you are in the spectrum of shame and guilt, never let it poison your life. If you have been in my shoes and can’t move on, it’s time to let go of self-judgment.

I got lucky to meet his wife and to apologize for the pain I had caused her.

Because we couldn’t see each other as often as we wanted, every moment became special. Over those six months, I tried to walk away many times, and so did he. If you are in this situation, ask yourself: What is the ratio of pain to joy that will be acceptable to you? After all, as Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. I quickly realized my emotions were putting my health in danger.

Sometimes I wonder if having to struggle for something you want doesn’t make it more valuable. There were moments of pure joy when we were together. But I never knew when I would see him, when he would have to be back home for the weekend because his wife would be back. After a month, he was also sick, and he decided to go back to his wife. That was the time of the relationship from start to finish.

Is there a way to say it without sounding judgmental?

Should I caution her that she is likely to end up hurt?

Married men do not leave their wives for their girlfriends.

Truthfully, knowing this about her lowers her in my esteem and makes me less interested in being friends with her.

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