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Engaging in a bit of healthy physical activity is a great way to spend a first date.It forces you to use energy that would otherwise be spent either feeling tense about how things are going or feeling some sexual pressure that you know you should really keep well under wraps for some time.The video game Dance Dance Revolution, known more commonly as DDR, is a lot of fun and a great way to spend a few hours with someone without being worried about what to say.Look around for a DDR party near you and be prepared to dance your socks off.Grab some blades and get skating in your neighborhood, at the skate park, or along a paved trail on the beach or in the woods.

The 1990s were full of roller bladers, the cooler version of roller skating.After all, the whole point is to show off who you truly are.Invite your date to your house to raid the fridge and pantry for yummy snacks and drinks.Since younger teens can't drive, these dates might be best for the 17-year-old and older crowd unless you've got parents willing to take you.Whether a museum for art, science or something totally bizarre, making a date to view a particular exhibit can be a pleasant and stimulating way to break the ice.

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