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Do you really want to have to list out the people you have gone on dates with or provide copies of your online dating profiles?And do you think dating a new person is going to help get your case resolved when emotions are already running high?States allow civil actions by one spouse against another under limited circumstances, and appeals courts have upheld this right even when a divorce action is ongoing.If the claim is alienation of affection, irreconcilable differences or other strictly marital issues, however, state laws direct the litigants to divorce court.In the event you do convince the court that your spouse's adultery caused the breakdown of your marriage, Georgia judges have the authority to stray from the typical 50/50 split of marital assets and award you a larger percentage.

The impact of adultery by your spouse during periods of separation, however, depends on a number of other factors.Different counties, different judges, and different circumstances may result in a different analysis, but generally speaking, dating during your divorce is not a good idea.Call us if you would like to learn how it might impact your situation.If your motivation for seeking a divorce in Tennessee is because your husband or wife deserts you, the state’s family laws allow you to file for divorce on those grounds.However, there are certain requirements and burdens of proof you must satisfy to do so.

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