Dating an old western electric telephone

Left: No 323 transmitter , from Mc Meen & Miller (3) Both suffered from an internal resonance at about 1000hz, right in the voice frequency range.

This caused the voice to sound a bit like a megaphone was being used, but the transmitter was sensitive and transmitted voice well, so this was acceptable. There could also be some carbon noise that sounded a bit like frying or static, especially with new batteries. but these could be sorted out by tapping the transmitter to loosen up the granules.

Here is one photo: as follows: "Catalogs in 1909 show a new version of the No. The external terminals were removed along with the need for a cathedral top.

Along with eliminating the exposed electric terminals on the top of the phone, Western Electric eliminated the exposed wires on the receiver as well. The phone's dimensions remained the same." I asked the principal of the school how they came across this phone and was told it was part of an estate sale of the Ford family that the school was named after and the PTA bought the phone at the estate sale.

The invention of Henry Hunnings' carbon granule transmitter in Britain allowed the transmitter to be mounted in the face of the top box rather than in a box of its own.

This gave a two-box telephone, but dimensionally it was not much different to the three-box model.

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The cell is rigidly fixed to the arm, which extends across the instrument.

I have the complete set (10 volumes) from my grandfather.

These books cover almost every imaginable topic on electricity including electrotheraputics, motors, elevators and other "modern" devices of that era eighty years ago!

The mica disc is clamped by the the screw shown to a comparatively large ordinary aluminium diaphragm with an india-rubber ring round its edges, held in position and damped by means of two flat steel springs clamped to the rim of the casting, and with their ends tipped with felt or rubber pads, which bear on the outer part of the diaphragm.

The sides of the cell are lined with paper, and the space left (between the diaphragms) is filled about three-fourths full with carbon granules.

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