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You should enjoy being with you because much as you might want to deny it, you will be spending most of your life with you.

Being single does not necessarily mean that you can’t have fun with yourself!

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, a comfortable and welcoming format for singles to attend alone. People don’t seem to think anything less of men who are eating alone in a restaurant or at the bar lounge area alone, so I’m not sure why there seems to be a different set of rules for women.

Women in particular feel the most uncomfortable attending alone. It’s kinda shocking to me that we have this double standard!

I really wanted to see the band that was playing that night down at the , an outdoor Bar/Restaurant on the water near my house. The ladies at the table next to me asked me to take their pic, then I asked them to watch my table when I went to the ladies room and before you know it I was sitting w/ them and had a fabulous time.

So I told myself “You’re a grown woman, what is the worst that can happen, you show up have a glass of wine, order the Lobster Special, and if it’s not fun you can always leave and go home, don’t be scared!

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But I need also need your help here, so try to relax and just enjoy the environment.

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