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So, without further ado: Beware the quiet, angry, brooding, smart guy: This used to be my type to the letter and not surprisingly, every encounter with one, was an epic disaster. They are extremely irresistible to nurturers, those individuals who like to take care of and fix other people.

There’s nothing here for you, so if you run into one of them – that’s a sneak out the bathroom window kinda date.

They talk about things they want to show you – like where they want to get married (happened to me) and crazy nonsense like that.

While you want someone to like you, and you really do want a second date, this is way over the top.

I don’t care how cute, sexy, or funny they are, there is nothing here, but problems – stop it before it begins.

Beware the jobless, homeless guy: If at some point over dessert, your date informs you that they are couch surfing, living in their buddies basement, or that they don’t have a job at the moment, I’d be doing my best road runner interpretation and heading for the highway.

Throughout my various stages of emotional health, I have blundered my way through oodles of men, chalking up one epic dating failure after another, enough to supply Rom Com writers with copious amounts of material for decades.

Through it all I have laughed, I have cried, but most importantly I learned.

Beware the future faker: These are the ones that move way too fast – You’ve only just met and already your date is talking about your future together, wanting you to meet their family, how much you would get along with his mother, talking about how much you have in common, making plans for tomorrow- next week-next month-next year.

I’m not talking about teenagers, or those freshly out of college I’m talking about grown-ass adults that are still trying to find themselves.

Right out of the gate, they are showing you that they have honed their manipulation skills.

I could hear the sounds of his phone receiving several text messages and as soon as he got out of the bathroom his phone rang, and surprise, surprise, it was his buddy telling him he had to go to work early the next day, so he ought to get on home and get some sleep. Probably the most important thing to be aware of, is a simple phrase.

This phrase is more commonly used among individuals bent on causing harm, than any other and it is: If someone says this to you, they aren’t being modest.

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