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I would be lying if I said I wasn't hurt and shocked by his behaviour but I was.Regardless I put this out of my mind intending to make the most of the time I had with my friends sightseeing, having dinner and just being in the moment.A week went by and on Friday I was going out of town with a few friends so on that morning I get a text from him saying ''Hi how is it going?'' this is normally his way of setting up plans to hang out.I was hurt but decided to take the high road telling him since he had reached a decision I would respect that and move on.He wished me well and I didn't text him after that.

After this he got annoyed and started to ask me why all of a sudden and why I was going out of town.I decide to cut off all contact with him and focus on the other things going on in my life.The two weeks after him dumping me were the hardest and I cried at times and felt kind of depressed. '' I told him ''Hate is a strong word so no I do not hate you.'' at which point he proceeded to explain he likes to take things slow, didn't mean to hurt me but was also hurt that I didn't reach out and contact him after everything because he didn't mean for us to stop talking. That was my thought, I explained that I was just ready to move on with my life.Then he hugged me like never before, kissed me and I noticed he was aroused ( I put the brakes on that). I did notice that he avoided calling me by the pet names he used to call me by, he didn't make an effort to take me out to dinner and only came over to my house very late.I just felt the wooing was not there, but we were still working things out and my guard was on full alert so NO SEX AT ALL still.

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When it comes to getting physical I have always preferred to take my time so we did not have sex just cuddled.

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