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Problem is, now I get my work done in half the time!We must’ve done something right, I guess, for Angie always introduces us as her parents and ‘best friends’ – it was not like she was short of friends or anything.Angie grinned and said, “Sure, Dad.”And then, right in front of her mother, Angie bent down and kissed me on the lips – and it wasn’t a peck either.Her lips crushed mine as her arms surrounded my neck, pulling me even deeper into her kiss.“C’mon, lazy bones, get up,” she grunted with a smile on her lips.“What about my suit? I hadn’t seen her pack hers, either.“Softspot Beach is a nudist beach, silly. “As you can see, I don’t have one either.”I gulped.After the kiss, I wasn’t sure if going out with her to a nudist beach (of ALL places) was a good idea.

I looked at Sam, and seeing no reprieve, I decided to talk my way out of the date.“Er, do you think it’s such a good idea, honey? Won’t your friends laugh at you for going to such a place with your old man? I was getting desperate.“Hullo, is that my Dad speaking?I won’t be alone, and you will know where I am, right? Mine still had her lipstick, and I could taste it – taste her – every time I spoke. Sam tossed me the keys to the Porsche and the house. She was going on a one-week trip to the States, her longest one yet.“Better take that along in case you are late.”Angie was now pulling me up from my couch.Sam should have stepped in and pulled my fat out of the fire, but instead, she supported her daughter.“You are not that old, dear, no matter how much you think you are.

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