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Her mother, Penny, is not a fan of her daughter’s inmate marriage, and she says she’s worried for her daughter’s safety.

Indents list the convicts transported to New South Wales - early indents provide name, date and place of trial and sentence while the later indents usually include physical description, native place, age and crime.

These convicts’ names may have been crossed of the lists. Genealogical Society of Victoria, Index to Convicts who arrived in NSW, 1788-1842 and an index to the ships that transported them [Microfiche]. Gillen, Mollie, The Founders of Australia: A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet, with Appendices by Yvonne Browning, Michael Flynn, Mollie Gillen. Hall, Barbara, Of Infamous Character: The Convicts of the , Ireland to Botany Bay, 1799.

The records were first kept by the Governor of the Colony of New South Wales or his Secretary.

Indentures are the basic convict document recording their names, where they were tried and when they were tried and the lengths of their sentences.

White, John, Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, by John White, Surgeon-General to the First Fleet and the Settlement at Port Jackson (Originally published 1790), With a Biographical Introduction by Rex Rienits, Edited by Alec H. Angus and Robertson in association with the Royal Australian Historical Society, 1962.

Later indents were usually sent on the ships in the care of their masters but the Governors frequently requested to be supplied with the lists as they were not always received with the convicts. Only the pages with lists of names have a longhand number (called the ‘ship page’ in the Early Convict Index).

There are longhand numbers (see above), page numbers for individual documents (often at the bottom of the pages) and page numbers for the collection of documents as a whole, eg. Some early lists of convict names are not included in NRS 1150, [SZ115] and [4/3999].

List of books transferred to the Principal Superintendent of Convicts - this item includes the Alphabetical Indents, 1788-1800 as other records (such as indents and registers of pardons, certificates of freedom and tickets of leave) NRS 1186 [4/6265] 1186_4_6265_000001 ‘Indent’ is short for ‘indenture’. Contractors agreed to transport the convicts to New South Wales. The Archives of the Colonial Secretary’s Department, New South Wales, 1788-1856.

Upon arrival the labour of the convicts was assigned to the Governor for the remainder of their sentences.

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