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Sounds are not merely described, they're very much experienced.

RELATED: 15 Most Iconic Wolverine Comic Book Covers There are many sound effects that get used very frequently in comic books, but this is not a list of the most common ones.

Years later, when Simonson's wife, Louise, was one of the writers of the "Superman" titles, those books borrowed the "Doom" effect by having that noise heard beneath the ground for a month or so before it finally broke through as the frightening creature known as Doomsday, who ultimately killed Superman!

When Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics for DC Comics in 1970, he debuted a brand-new line of inter-connected comics called "The Fourth World," telling the seemingly eternal battle between the New Gods of New Genesis versus the evil beings of Apokolips, led by the evil Darkseid.

It was essentially a living being who performed all kinds of functions for its owners, including repairing injuries.Morrison was likely inspired in his choice of verbal tic for Batman by a similar verbal tic that Alan Moore used for Rorschach in his classic comic book series, "Watchmen," with artist Dave Gibbons.The series was set in 1985, but the events of the book go all the way back to the 1940s.Morrison's take on Batman has often been referred to as "Bat-God," as Batman acquits himself very well in Morrison's "JLA" issues.The key turning point in the first arc is that Batman is the only one who figured out the weakness of the villainous Hyperclan.

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