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Most importantly, we must be clear to extend President Obama’s pledge to victims of campus sexual assault; we must let those who have been victims of relationship violence know that we’ve ‘got their back’.

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As a result, media scrutiny was appropriately brought to the issue of relationship violence among professional athletes and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was admonished for what was perceived as his ineffectual response.

During that same time period, however, four college women were murdered by current or former relationship partners (University of Chicago, San Francisco State University, Cornell University, University of South Carolina).

The Violence Prevention Conference focuses on equipping student affairs practitioners with the knowledge and tools to effectively address violence on campus through a variety of integrative approaches.

In that article, Lisa Maatz, Vice President of Government Relations at the American Association of University Women states, “It’s all on a continuum…when we’re talking about sexual assault, we’re basically talking about violence against women.

Research: In their confidential climate surveys that are being conducted to assess sexual assault on their respective campus, institutions must not forget to include questions concerning their students’ personal experiences and observations to assess the prevalence of dating and domestic violence at their institution.

Administrative Systems: Campus healthcare professionals (i.e. physicians, counselors, educators) should be encouraged to ask the appropriate questions whenever they identify a student who appears to have been the victim of relationship violence.

Advocacy: Professional organizations, and College and University administrators acting on an individual basis, are urged to incorporate the issue of relationship violence, as well as other forms of campus violence, in their national agendas.

For example, NASPA has taken a significant step toward this goal in two ways; The “Enough is Enough Campaign” which focuses on bullying and general acts of aggression on campus, and through the 2015 NASPA Violence Prevention Conference, being held from January 11 – January 13, 2015, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

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