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But I’d love to find somebody to love.” There’s no shame in wanting a partner to love, and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t secure or happy being by yourself.

It’s nice to know that Handler has reached a place where she realizes that and is okay with herself regardless of her relationship status.

She opts to spend most of her time on comedy, writing books and political activism, often taking hard shots at President Trump and Republicans.

The host Dave formerly dated his actress girlfriend, Bonnie Somerville.

Bonnie and Dave dated for a mere year starting from 2009 and ended things with one another, without much publicizing around the end of the same year.

CHELSEA HANDLER CALLS FOR TRUMP' S IMPEACHMENT FOR SAYING SEMI-AUTOMATIC GUNS ARE ' ENTERTAINMENT' The former talk show host appeared on an episode of “The Talk,” where she explained that therapy helped her realize that wanting a relationship is not a weakness nor an admission that she’s not comfortable on her own.“I have changed my mind about being open to relationships because I thought I was tough for a really long time, and what I learned through therapy is that being really tough is actually being vulnerable and being able to admit that you really want to be in a relationship,” she told the panel. And, listen, I have a pretty good life, so I’m happy if I don’t have a relationship.

He dated quite the number of women in his life, but he now seems to have settled in his love life and gotten married. And how were his past relationships with his former flames? Dave is a good looking man and has been so much attractive to the ladies in his life, and has dated quite the beautiful ladies in the past.

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