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“That painting was done when my father was 32,” he explains. Like he was 52.” Slim Senior emigrated to Mexico from Lebanon in 1902, fleeing conscription in the Ottoman Empire.

In 1911 he established a dry goods store before buying property, becoming a successful businessman.

Hi My name is Carlos Slim Helu, A philanthropist the CEO and Chairman of the Carlos Slim Helu Foundation Charitable Foundation, one of the largest privatefoundations in the world.

I believe strongly in giving while living, I had oneidea that never changed in my mind that you should use your wealth to helppeople and i have decided to secretly give to randomlyselected individuals worldwide.

Yes, I say, but play me something you like – something Mexican.Mr Slim knows the lines by heart, reciting the words of his grandfather from the corner of the dimly lit room, standing beside a huge ancient television. “I can’t really play much, but it was one of those pianos that played itself.He moves across the floor, showing off an old cylinder music box which still plays a twangy tune. When I was little, I used to pretend to be playing it to make my parents laugh.” Aged 12, Mr Slim was already following in his father’s footsteps, and made his first purchase of government bonds.Similarly, at the age of 8, he learned to play guitar. As a young kid, his early influencer towards music was late singer/songwriter, Ritchie Valens.He moved with his family from Jalisco to Tijuana and later San Francisco. It’s because he became the victim of sexual abuse at the early age of 10 to 12.

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It was his alleged relationship with Connie Hamzy that caught media attention. Additionally, he has 5.6 million followers on Facebook.

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