Candidating for ministry

Do they have prepared questions that show not only their level of interest but also that they have done a sufficient amount of research into the role and your organization to understand potential challenges and benefits?Make sure that you have also done your homework on the candidate coming in for the interview so that you are prepared with relevant questions about their experience.

Knowing that a bad hire can be costly both financially and to the momentum and morale of your church staff, it’s important to know what to look for as you interview candidates for your team.

Many of these resources have been suggested by Regional Pastors or Church of God Ministries staff members who have assisted both pastors and churches during transition times and have mentored young emerging leaders.

Church of God Ministries neither sponsors nor endorses these and assumes no responsibility for their content.

They can receive feedback well and have the learning agility to grow through complexity(or conflict).

Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding behavior.

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