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The Fest also celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock music festival, which coincides with the weekend.For more information on Yippie Fest, including tickets, click here.The bestowing of the honor, along with a reception, with occur at the screening of “Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts,” beginning at pm. – Peter Fonda, part of Hollywood acting royalty, had many memorable roles in his long career.But he will forever be known as the “Easy Rider,” the 1969 feature (coincidentally, the film was the number one film exactly 50 years ago today) that ushered in a new wave of filmmaking.– The “star is born” expression is not to be used lightly, yet it absolutely applies to the performance of Aisling Franciosi (Lyanna Stark in “Game of Thrones”) in the role of Clare for “The Nightingale.” As a late 19th Century woman with nothing to lose, she suffers an emotional death, a survival rebirth and humanist hope.

The pretzel logic to set up these adventures are weak, but the core of the conclusion is the strength.

of January 1960, in Somerville, Massachusetts USA, Howie is a 58-year-old Caucasian former National Football League (NFL) defensive end, then an actor and sports analyst.

He is perhaps best known to the world for his significant presence on the TV screen as both an actor and football player, thanks to his 13-season-long career in the Oakland Raiders from 1981 to 1993, and his roles in various films and TV shows.

As the Fest currently celebrates its 25th anniversary, one of the major reasons for its longevity and success will be honored on August 18th, 2019.

Film critic, writer and broadcaster Sergio Mims will receive the Gene Siskel Legacy Award for his contributions as co-founder and co-programmer of Black Harvest.

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  1. Looking back, I see the context on a lot of them: how I dated logical dudes when I was using “logic” as a defensive mechanism (overcompensating for withdrawing from people.) I dated “doers” when I needed help getting out of my own head; a sensitive adventurer when I wanted someone to show me “all the human feels.”And I’d never date any of these dudes again — even the one or two I may have mourned by sighing: “if only we’d met in the future.”Because that’s all make believe. Saying that the timing is wrong is saying nothing more than ‘You aren’t worth any inconvenience.’”It’s not “time,” sweetie, and it’s not space. More fighter than lover, I’m the type of person who deliberately throws a monkey wrench into a perfectly good thing — and, looking back, this was always pure and obvious deliberate sabotage. I let one boyfriend think I was moving across the country with him, and then didn’t follow him until a year later — and only after I laid the decision out in spreadsheet, careful to reassure myself that I was doing it for me and not for him.