Brenda song and david henrie dating

Now, it appears that the duo are certainly a couple, as in December, they were seen wandering through the streets of Paris, holding hands and seeming rather smitten.

It was also noticed that Culkin seemed a lot fresher than he has been in recent years and seems to be in a much better place.

It goes without saying that dating a Disney star is often no easy feat.

The media seem to be obsessed with Disney-oriented romances, and there is definitely a demand among the public to see who the stars of their favorite childhood shows have grown up to date.

As most of you were probably aware of, La Beouf is the former star of the iconic Disney Channel show Fans hoped that a romance was about to embark between the two, but unfortunately, things seemed to dwindle out between the pair before they ever really begun.

In 2009, La Beouf opened up about how he couldn’t believe his luck when he received a text from Rihanna two years earlier, asking if he would like to join her on a date.

“It never got beyond one date,” stated the actor in an interview. We weren’t passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends.” , she grew very close to David Henrie, who played Selena Gomez’ onscreen brother.

In fact, Nick Jonas once stated, “We were all dating each other,” when reflecting on his glory days as part of the channel.The couple dated for over a year from around October of 2013 to March of 2015.During their relationship, they both preferred to keep their romance very much on the down low.On the same trip, he was pictured receiving a helping hand from his ex-girlfriend as she applied sunscreen on a hard-to-reach place.It’s easy to understand why Miley was not impressed. And Ty wrote me like, ‘It’s all good.’” together back in 2012.

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