Bi sexual chatrooms no registration

You can get support with exploring your sexuality, gender identity or coming out.

Where can I find the equivilent to omegle, primarily for this?? Im bicurious and want to question them, id prefer a chat system like omegle/msn?

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We have a friendly and supportive online LGBTQ community that is free and easy to access.

Talk to someone in a 1-1 chat, or join our LGBT chat room to chat with others who understand what you're going through. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, pansexual, gender neutral, queer, asexual, or any others. Join our chat room and come along to our group support sessions where you can discuss different LGBTQ topics with people who have the same worries and fears. We have kind and supportive people waiting to listen to your story today.

any places thanks If you are looking for a place to discuss and ask questions I'd suggest using a forum such as It also has a chat room but it is not open to new members There are gay/bi chat rooms that you can find when you search for them but these tend to be very sexually focused (people looking for hookups etc).

The responses and advice you will get on a forum will be much more helpful I think it'll be hard to find a site that isn't basically gay cyber sex.

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