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The Ulster University Business School has recently constructed a mock trading room, sponsored by CME.Neither trading room is quite complete yet, they are missing SDRView, SEFView and CCPView, essentially tools for the modern rates or credit trader!!A few interesting alumni and their contributions to science are worthy of note.The portable defibrillator, widely used in emergency medicine, was invented in Belfast by Frank Partridge, his students (and their students) continue research in this area to this day at Ulster University.Another significant employer in this sector is First Derivatives, a local company originally focused on professional services in the Fin Tech space.

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I never read a book but enjoy going to theatre and comedy stores when I have the time.

I'm where I want to be at work so it's time to build a life. but here goes, i'm 28 f and currently living outside belfast, i would describe myself as being the best friend or lover one could possibly have.

i like my holidays in the sun with cuba being one of my favs, have a big passion for all kinds of music but my fav at the minute...(more) ...

I have a cheeky witty side that sometimes when people that dont know me that well they take the wrong way, I can be shy until you get to know me and I get to know other people so I wouldnt really be outspoken at the start.

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They have provided our payroll system from the start, an excellent service that integrates well with our accounting system, Kashflow. ) are the quiet leafy suburbs of Malone, Stranmillis and Annadale where house prices are in the region of £170-210/sqft. The education system retains much of the old grammar school system, outside Belfast it is uncommon to consider sending children to fee paying schools, at both primary and secondary levels.

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