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Rutube hosts both licensed content and user uploads, and the vast majority of all uploads are in Russian.This high percentage of Russian content makes Rutube an incredibly valuable resource for anyone trying to learn the language.Around 1972, Bernie and an employee named Bob Hall started developing a model they called the Seagull (which has no connection to the Godin Guitars acoustic brand).It was the company’s first production electric guitar. Rich Beginnings During the ’80s, the wild shapes of B. Rich guitars proved to be the perfect match for the over-the-top theatrics of the burgeoning heavy metal craze. By the early ’60s, folk music had become popular and folk artists started bringing in their acoustic steel-string guitars to the shop for repairs. Father and son brought bodies in from Mexico, had them painted and assembled at the shop for mariachi, classical, and folk musicians.

Acrylic Series[ edit ] These guitars are made completely of acrylic and their bodies are transparent, making the electronics inside visible.

Up to that time, the store’s phone greeting was “Bernardo’s Guitar Shop.” One day, Mal Stich, vice president of B. Rich at the time of its ascent, answered the phone with, “B. Rich,” and some think that’s the moment the company name changed and it became a full-fledged guitar manufacturer with a mission. “In 1977, they were 9 retail—and you were paying more than retail if you could actually find one.” Although, B. Rich was often referred to as a custom shop at the time, it wasn’t custom in the conventional sense of the word. After leaving Valley Arts to work in the Ibanez Custom Shop in North Hollywood, I decided to get involved with other aspects of guitar fabrication and went to work for Trevor Wilkenson at Wilkenson Bridges in Fullerton, CA.

“The guitars were handcrafted, but they were still production guitars. Furthering my working education I went to work for AGI in Huntington Beach, CA makers of the Lace Sensor Pickups.

People might request special inlays or maybe Bartolini Hi-A pickups instead of Di Marzios, but basically it was a production-line guitar,” explains Stich. This is the only place where you can get a real hand made in American B. Rich Guitar made by a professional Luthier with over 30 years of trusted experience. After I learned as much as I could, I returned to Valley Arts in City of Industry which eventually became the Silvertone Custom Shop.

The company had facilities in both California and Tijuana, Mexico. I have worked with many Artists through out the years.

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