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As a student, he spent his summers outdoors, once working as a lifeguard and another hitchhiking through Canada. "He wasn't afraid of anything." He married Ida in 1930, two years after graduating, and became a highly respected educator with a focus on helping underprivileged and delinquent youth.Streisand recalls that her mother had a "great voice" and sang semi-professionally on occasion, in her operatic soprano voice.Streisand began her education at the Jewish Orthodox Yeshiva of Brooklyn when she was five.There, she was considered to be bright and extremely inquisitive about everything; however, she lacked discipline, often shouting answers to questions out of turn.By 1966, they were proud parents of their son, Jason.Carrying the fame of his wife, Gould struggled with the shame of not carrying his weight which created tension in the marriage.He rose to go onto very popular TV shows and movies.

Streisand was born on April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Diana (born Ida Rosen) and Emanuel Streisand.She is an amazing performer and has reached the greatest heights in both the music industry as a singer and songwriter and also the film industry as an actress and filmmaker.Barbra is an amazing talent because she became a legend in two different careers. She had an older brother, Sheldon and a half sister, Roslyn born from her mother’s second marriage.According to an upcoming tell-all memoir, Barbra Streisand had three affairs with her leading men and was sexually taken advantage of by the movie producer who gave her her start.Barbra Streisand: In Her Own Words Streisand’s ex-boyfriend, Jon Peters, claims the legendary singer had affairs with co-stars Robert Redford during shooting for , “molested both Lesley Ann [Warren] and Barbra when they were auditioning for him, and neither had ever really gotten over it.” Last month, Peters sold the proposal for his memoirs to Harper-Collins for 0,000.

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Streisand is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, with more than 68.5 million albums in the U. and with a total of 150 million albums and singles sold worldwide The RIAA and Billboard recognize Streisand as holding the record for the most top 10 albums of any female recording artist: a total of 34 since 1963.

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