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"Then it got more sophisticated as scammers detected where a person was, so that the scam appeared even more believeable.

Now more and more people are falling for it.""All sorts of online extortion is going on," he continues.

"But the problem with extortionists is that they don't go away.

Austria (German: Österreich, literally "the Eastern Realm" or "Eastern Empire") is a landlocked alpine German speaking country in Central Europe bordering Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, Germany and Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east and Slovenia and Italy to the south.

May is unsure whether this increase is because sextortion scams are on the increase, or whether his website has become easier to find as its profile grows.

The hacker then offers a secret code to un-encrypt the data in exchange for money.

Brian Honan, an expert in the field of information security and special advisor on internet security to Europol, says that sextortion crimes tend to be carried out by a combination of amateur individuals sometimes known to the victim, or more sophisticated gangs.

In 2013, a Scottish teenager, Daniel Perry, took his life by jumping off the Forth Road Bridge, after a Skype conversation he had with someone he believed to be a teenage girl, later turned out to be a scam.

In May's experience, usually a scammer will have obtained illegal footage of a woman undressing, which will be presented to boys in their late teens, making them believe the encounter is genuine, and encouraging them to strip and masturbate, before an online message will demand a sum of money.

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