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After her two children, Zach and Grace, were born, she left work to be a stay-at-home mother and a good politician's wife.At the beginning of the show, Alicia had been married for fifteen years to Cook County State's Attorney Peter Florrick.After graduation, she went to work as a junior associate at the firm Crozier, Abrams & Abbott, where she had the highest number of billable hours for any associate.Sometime during that time, she met, and eventually married, Peter Florrick (played by Chris Noth).It is during this trial she first met Matan, a man hired by her husband during his time as State’s Attorney, currently working under Glenn Childs - the attorney whose leak of the sex tape landed her husband in jail.Their relationship is cold as Matan has lost respect for her husband Peter, and believed her to be receiving his help throughout her time on the case.This causes an argument wherein Alicia tells Jackie that she is trying her best, but needs to be the one to decide what's best for her children. 6, Alicia visits Peter in prison for a conjugal visit upon the insistence of Kalinda, as this is the only way she can get information on the death row case she's working on. In Episode 7, Alicia fights with her son as he attempts to hide that he has been searching for the prostitute in the image of Peter smoking crack.

Sometime in her life, Alicia's parents got divorced.Alicia saved him from receiving a murder conviction, but his mom continued to resent Alicia. 4, Peter's legal team began to gather new evidence to hopefully win Peter a new trial.Alicia revealed in an interview with his lawyer, Daniel Golden, that she initially found out about the affair when the story broke on CNBC.Her son snuck into the trial hoping to show the blackmail pictures to his father, who wasn’t present. 9, Amber Madison has been interviewed on talk shows about the book she is writing about Peter Florrick.Alicia found the interview online and watched part of it before Amber calls Alicia at work.

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