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She is once again joined by young acting talents Josh O’Connor (Les Miserables), Callum Woodhouse (Cold Feet), Daisy Waterstone (And Then There Were None) and Milo Parker (Mr Holmes) who play her unruly and spirited on-screen children in the ITV drama.

Other cast returning include Alexis Georgoulis (My Life In Ruins) as the charming Spiro, Miles Jupp (Howards End) as hapless cousin Basil, Anna Savva (Genius) as housekeeper Lugaretzia, Yorgos Karamihos (Love Is...) as Dr.

Meanwhile, Margo delves into the world of virginity claiming she will lose hers to Nikos.

However, the extent of her unnerves Nikos who becomes aware that everyone knows of their intentions.

Secondly, most of the jokes were either clichéd, flat, or sexually crude. It ranged from licking ice cream to give sexual hints to close-ups of homosexuals licking their lips, waiting for the ignorant American to get drunk.

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Feeling guilty, Leslie tracks down a forlorn Spiros who is living in his car.

Apologising profusely, Leslie encourages him to return to the villa.

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