Afroromance dating site

Who has pen pal option on a dating site, what a joke.

Most people have profiles on it that haven't logged in months.

Get ready for sudden positive reviews under this one............. He was over 11 years old than me with very poor communication skills.

I have been on this site for 13 years but only ever get messages from admin and con artists from Africa trying to cheat money out of me. What grown men text so much that they don't call much.

Men who say they are looking for long-term , which isn't true. Site need better filter mail option where no mail go through the preferences. It is run by people that don't seem to understand anything about good business and are control hungry.If you use any controls which you have PAID for that they don't want you to use you are punished, you are advised to 'take a break' rather than close your account if you want to and then when you decide to come back you are told that you have to wait 6 hours for reactivation, something done automatically by a reasonable, up to date site where you are a PAYING MEMBER!If you close your account make sure that it has actually been deleted!I would not recommend this site to anyone of an age in which you are used to dealing with professional and reasonable people, it appears to be operated by immature, draconian, unprofessional individuals that are not interested in giving their customers value for money and desperate to appear right about everything regardless! I went on one date with him and never heard from him.

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Overall, Afroromance is a brilliant initiative that is motivated by the idea that love has no boundaries.

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