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Intercourse provides some women with enough clitoral stimulation to elicit orgasm, which is why half of the women in this study reported orgasms from just intercourse.

But, I'd love to chat, on and off, with a person, or even people, when the mood strikes.

I'm an English teacher, former lawyer, amateur photographer, and classical music lover. Hey, my name is ASH (no, not short for Ashley, just ASH), I'm female, and I turn 19 in 2 months.

I just want some people I could talk to everyday and just vibe with.

You should be envisioning what you’re writing and—whether with one hand or two—transcribing these visions in detail. If you don’t feel comfortable writing about sex, then don’t.

Step 11: Contrary to popular belief, people think during sex. By this, I mean writing about sex as it actually exists, in the real world, as an ecstatic, terrifying, and, above all, deeply emotional process.

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I resent the remark that woman don't orgasm easily. Also, not to say that "You're on my hair" or "Sorry for the knee in the rib cage" doesn't get said but being vocal is arousing. Finally, in a remarkable bit of symmetry, our hero and heroine exchange 124 "grins" and 124 "frowns"...

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