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What differences in preferences and behavior would you expect to see between the two of them?For example, the one with the stronger sex drive would presumably think about sex more often; have more fantasies, desire, and actual sex more often; have more partners; masturbate more often; and devote more effort to having sex than the other. That is, it is hard to imagine the woman with a weaker sex drive having more frequent sexual fantasies than the woman with the stronger sex drive.In one camp, we have experts claiming that they are nothing more than images randomly spat out at you for eight hours; that REM, the stage of sleep where you’re most likely to dream, runs off the ebb and flow of neurotransmitters, and that dreams are just the brain’s way of dealing with these random firings.And in the other camp, we have folks such as the interpreter I spoke to for this piece, Hilda Burke, a therapist and life coach in the U.

After months of reading and compiling results, the answer was clear.

Some textbooks explicitly said that that idea was wrong.

One, by Janet Hyde and Richard De Lamater, openly speculated that women actually had a stronger sex drive than men, contrary to what I thought.

And our 'superego' is the part of us that says ‘I should’ — such as ‘I should work hard’ or ‘I shouldn’t have dreams about having sex with that person.’ When we are asleep, it’s just the subconscious, it’s the bit that’s under all that and the id can be there: the desires and wants.

It tends to be the level below.”Burke still believes that some dreams are meaningless images being sorted out by your brain, and that figuring out whether or not your dreams are trying to tell you something is very much dependent on context.

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We had to consider several possible explanations, and one was that the sex drive is milder in women than in men.

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