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On set, Jo E was taken for a pre-interview before meeting the girls.Extremely similar to SYHAG, one-on-one, asking him what he wanted out of relationships, what love means and more.

It would be about a month later when he learned everything had gone through and they wanted him to be a part of the show, and onset, in the suburbs of Chicago, in early June to “meet the girls”.

They argued their way to the Final 3, Caite doing little to dispel the viewpoint of her as a "dumb blonde", where they fell behind early due to a bad cab, and never really got back into it, finishing 3rd.

Age: 28 Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina Connection to your Teammate: Dating Current Occupation: Model Pet peeve about your teammate: She is hard headed and can't take criticism Favorite Hobbies: Sports and traveling Achievements: My faith.

Which, sounds entirely possible that they’d leave you guessing when they meet a guy.

And with him being in the commercials, even if only for less than a split second, it’s possible they’ll be showcasing his enthusiastic attitude towards love. Tune in this Thursday night, ironically Jo E’s birthday, at 9pm CST on CBS to see if you spot Jo E on national television.

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Louie & Michael couldn't help but pass this on, causing Caite to instantly hate the "Mean Lesbians" and endeavor to get them eliminated.

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